Friday, February 4, 2011


Spending a leisurely afternoon in the make room after a quick trip to Lincraft for %50 fabric (needed to stock up on a few basics). The recent delivery of pastel vintage floral's has the men folk in the house a little concerned, the big one and both the little ones have checked to make sure I have no intentions of making something that they will have to be in close contact with.

Yesterday the op gods continued to shine down and I bagged an old school globe, have had my eye out but the budget hadn't been willing to stretch too far. The price on it was a tad ludicrous and lucky for me the lovely ladies running the shop agreed.

It may be the end of the luck.........but you never know :)


  1. globes are always ridiculously expensive!@
    But they are also ever so lovely and fun to play with!
    The fabric is sweet, can never get enough off florals!

  2. I like the blue with the pink flowers in the second picture from the top...very cute fabric. I also went to Lincraft and took advantage of their fifty percent off sale..and got another pattern as well at fifty percent off.