Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Creative Space

After not wandering into an op shop for a little while I decided to make two quick stops today. Sometimes (well actually most times) I wander around without spying anything begging to be taken home.........today was a little different.

First find in amongst a pile of games was this treasure. A Cuban cigar box with wooden checkers inside thus the location in the store. Oooohhh so happy!

Continuing the lap of the shop I spied a little sleeve that ran all the way up to this gorgeous hand beading.

I usually case the linen for good cloths that can be used as quilt backs, and found this rich, handwoven throw ( and and antique damask cloth)!

Button's are hard to find at a reasonable price and especially in larger lot's. Two jars for $1, who could go past that deal!

I may have used up all of my op luck for the moment but will continue to pop in just in case there is a treasure waiting for me. Oh, and the best bit was at the end when all was added up and I had to hand over my $6!

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  1. Treasure! I'm jealous. And all for $6. The oppy gods were looking down on you :-)