Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Creative Space

You know it's bad when the lady at the Chinese Massage shop says "Ooohh lady" and then gets the stick thing out and uses her elbow to attack your neck and shoulders! However I do feel remarkably better since! The quilt tops below are probably to blame, sorting out beautiful vintage (no re pros here) scraps, ironing cutting to salvage as much from them as possible. And then I started piecing, the shapes colours and era's really govern what they will become. If you over think it the whole process just gets confusing. Can't wait to tell you more about this little collaboration. To see what everyone else is up to this week have a peek at Kooytoyoo.



  1. Ohhhh fabric envy! Looking great.

  2. hehe have just looked at your blog and spied your make space. Mine has vintage bit's strewn EVERYWHERE, was overwhelmed but now working with instead of against it :)

  3. Love all the vintage!! I have so much from my Mom and really need to start doing more with it. It does take a toll on the body though! Have fun quilting them!