Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Creative Space

There has been a little bit of map finding going on in my world over the past week. It all started with a quick visit to a rain soaked fete on Saturday which seen us come home with a golden oldie Readers Digest Atlas and a blue print map of the City of Geelong (home for us). Not looking for maps at all I then popped into the local op shop and found a mariners map of Port Philip Bay! The city map has taken perfect pride of place on my blue wall, the mariners map is rolled map side out and sitting with my old school maps and the atlas has just been "unbound". What to do, what to do? the practical thing would be make flags or plaster the boy's wall with them, but I'm thinking the string of fairy light lanterns may be in for a little makeover. Now looking for a ball type paper foldie origami pattern. To see what everyone else is doing this week pop over to Kootoyoo.


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  1. I'm a sucker for old maps and never know what to do with them either! Hope you find a fantastic idea/outcome.