Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Making Space

When was the last time you had to relocate your making space?
Mine was recently (thus the lack of blog time), and might I just say "Good Grief"!!!
I was pretty sure I new exactly what I had in the stash, but I'm sure as I folded and packed it multiplied. And the was just the stash! Last time we moved I had a child under 12 months, it really is horrifying how much 2 kids can accumulate in just 6 years. I decided that the key to a smooth move was to throw out as much as possible so I didn't have to move it. Let me tell you how cleansing it is to chuck stuff, the boy's had a HUGE toy clean out and reaped the rewards at the toy recycle shop.

Now, at last I am back to making.......ahhhhhh :)
Can you spy the new quilt top's below? Will be heading to local markets in October and December.

More rich colours :)

This little green number is becoming a cot quilt........mmmmmm........snuggly

Still undecided if this pink bundle is heading in the direction of a cot quilt or a big girls bed runner.

Space photo's will follow soon.

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