Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busy Day

In amongst frantic preparations for the bike event in Geelong that begins next week, I managed to co-ordinate a few men folk to finally install my new making space workbench. I am sitting here at the end of my 3.5 meter long and 1 metre wide work space!!! Jealous? You should be :)
This bench is what sewing dreams are made of. Ooooodles of room for cutting spreading and general mess making, also room for the monster dual screen computer that recently arrived in my space.

It has also been a busy making 24 hours in my space. The Freshwater Creek Steiner Spring Fair is on October 23rd and I am taking some quilts along for a day in the sunshine. My plan was to make some aprons so that I had some lower price point options, well that was the plan to start with! After an evening and morning of making I now have a lovely range of linen aprons featuring pockets hand screened by Ink & Spindle. The dilemma now was that the aprons were looking a bit posh, and after consultation at Eclectica it was decided that the buxom lady standing in the window display really needed to be wearing one! Tomorrow I will start again with the aim being to crate cheap and cheerful aprons for the spring fair.

This is the space which the man of the house terms "the hostile environment", it just wasn't working for me :(

This is the man and his help just after the new work space had come through the upstairs window!

This is my new space. Do you like it? Now to find drawers to fit underneath and there will be making happiness :)


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