Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cushions for Eclectica!

These lovely little wren's printed by Lara Cameron at
Ink&Spindle have made their way to Eclectica on Pakington st Geelong West.

Yes, it's cushions for me at the moment, and working on the pile of sari's, and as always binding what is coming back from the quilters!

In amongst it all we are moving! When was the last time you had to physically look at you entire stash, works in progress and UFO's piled up on the floor in front of you? Yep, overwhelming for a moment, but I culled and then did a "maybe" cull and then put lot's back into the "keep" pile working on the fact that it would be impossible to replace. Now it all looks so pretty folded and stacked neatly into plastic tub's waiting for moving day and a real sewing space :)

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