Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Pitch

I am not a fan of "outside of my comfort zone"! And so really not a fan of of criticism of my work because my work is so completely me. I make what my mind sees. So.........why on earth is it that when it comes time to step outside that comfort zone that I still feel so very exposed. I thought by now the school of life would have sorted that out for me! I''m about to pitch to have my quilts available to the public eye, for people to see and feel the stories they tell. Looking for that part of me that is confident, proud of my work.......and that other bit that will make them say YES ;)

I have been wearing this piece allot lately, the resin disc has a piece of map with home on it. I found it on etsy and think it is an amazingly personal (you just let them know what town, street etc that you want). Will go back and find the link and post it for you.


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