Thursday, June 10, 2010

My creative space

Well technically...... This gorgeous necklace with hand made glass beads is in my space..... but was made by the lovely Amanda Jane at Eclectica in Pakington St Geelong West.
My space is being tidied this evening, just a wee bit messy at the moment. In between the million drop offs and pickups I had to do today I did pop in and see my local thrift ladies who had these little Gems for me. I do love old stamps and was thinking of keeping the NOT NEGOTIABLE one in my pocket to stamp the little people when necessary! The little black yummy thing is a vintage lipstick holder with a cute little mirror inside (made in Italy, might I just add). And the clutch is perfectly proportioned and worn in the nicely.

Now back to tidying up :)



  1. I'd claim the bead necklace as well ... it's so delicate and pretty.

    Good luck with the tidying ... got time to pop by and tidy up here when you've finished?

    My Creative Space

  2. Done tidying! But going to ruin it tomorrow when I start cutting and sewing vinatge sari's into quilt tops. Although a trip to Kyo is on the to do list aswell :) Amanda make beautiful things, she has just returned from a 4 yr holiday!