Thursday, June 3, 2010

my creative space

Controlled chaos is what I like to call my space this week. Albeit very productive controlled chaos!

some really delicious books arrived in the mail today after six weeks on a boat from japan (way cheaper than airfreight). The skirt book is amazing, 20 skirts with patterns! A touch overwhelmed and just a bit too inspired at the moment to decide what to make first.

I took delivery of garbage bags filled with vintage sari's this week. An amazing family history that I will have the honour of piecing and quilting into six quilts that will become family heirlooms. I hope my beautiful Mel copes with the process, she was teary enough as we sorted them into colour piles. The first will be rich jewel tones, with a piece of the same panels in each quilt.

Mid week was a visit to my girls with the long arm machine to collect a kimono to tackle the silk binding!!

.......and to collect my glorious vintage apron quilt.

Note that the husband in this house was initially unimpressed with the apron quilt........has now had a change of heart!

and me........ well I love it even more now but it will go to the madeit shop :(


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