Thursday, May 27, 2010

My creative space....

I am on very good terms with several ladies in some of my local thrift shops. They know what I hunt for and are happy to save me pieces of treasure if they think it will suit what I do. In return I have to take my finished quilts in for them all to see before they head off to their new homes. Let me just say that lately there have been a few VERY good days thrifting. Recently I made the husband have a week off and headed to Peregian....mmmmm...sun :) We just happened to be there when the little local market was on, lots of pre-loved bits and pieces. In a basket in a corner I found some beautiful vintage batik, loved just a little but still in fantastic condition, what's more it was a bargain! Husband now believes that I don't need to go back to Bali to stock up on fabric!

A phone call from the local thrift shop ladies resulted in the yummiest winter hat's and hat pins to die for!

Oohh la la!

Tomorrow is a sew day, something old something have some Japanese silk that is blue! Mmmmm......


  1. What a great arrangement. Nice to have them looking out for fun finds for you! Lou.